Benefit x Michael Finch

All aboard with Benefit

How can you turn a product tour into a memorable event? That was the challenge for Brow On Tour with renowned make-up artist and YouTube celebrity, Michael Finch.

To show the scale of this national tour, and to maintain a strong sense of fun, we illustrated, designed and manufactured the ‘Benefit Bus’ which travelled around major cities for demos, meet-and-greets and other events.

We created a unique bus for each city (with bespoke signage, such as ‘Next stop: Sydney’) to personalise the experience for each destination. The illustration and design was also carefully considered to suit budget and space requirements. Each bus needed to be easily shipped and set up, and feature a door which Michael could walk through to meet his fans.

The Brow On Tour roadshow was a complete success, with the bus helping to elevate the experience for Myer and Benefit customers at every stop.

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