Aquim Hand Sanitizer Station

Personal Hygiene

A paradigm shift in the way we sanitize in public spaces is apparent after the global pandemic of Coronavirus (Covid 19). With the fast moving nature of this global disaster, a solution was generated to ensure retail outlets, who were allowed to remain open, the ability to provide adequate sanitary dispensers where the health of customers and staff is a priority.

The Aquim Hand Sanitizer Station was rolled out with speed to market in mind and took rapid development of anti-theft locking storage for refills, structurally sound construction, whilst maintaining a small footprint and featuring clear instructional messaging with custom branding. Internal storage was conveniently positioned for the stocking of refill bottles and this area was to provide an easily serviceable unit for staff, rather than waiting for external reps to arrange maintenance runs.

This solution has gained an unprecedented level of exposure and is a staple for any retail store where customer sanitizing is a must.

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