The Chadstone Mecca Maxima Nars installation called for a comfortable interactive space to welcome customers to the Nars experience.

The 25-square metre pop-up ‘store-in-store’ installation gave Nars the opportunity to provide a unique and engaging customer activation to help bring the Nars brand to life and gain exposure to a potential 10,000 Mecca customers per week.

With attention to brand differentiation, a key goal was not only for the space to feel accessible and welcoming to the customer, but to also have a different look and feel to the rest of the store. We were able to achieve a point of difference at store level via the introduction of bold colours and a dynamic floor space arrangement.

Key guidelines to ensure a successful installation into this space included:

  1. Supply of an engaging activation that provided the customer with a unique brand immersion experience.
  2. A strong call to action to enter or play.
  3. Clarity to the customer with what is happening and what are the benefits.
  4. Longevity; the space needed to be engaging over the entire period of it’s life, not just one day.