Room One teamed with MECCA to help bring their newest signature line ‘Mecca Max’ to life within the Chadstone Brand Immersion space.


After 3 years in the making – there was an electric buzz and excitement around this brand launch and the Chadstone Immersion space had to reflect this.


One of the key requirements from the Mecca team was for the space to reflect the charisma and energy of their stores, store teams and the product itself!  Bright Neon, flashing and Illuminated lighting proved to be a key element in achieving this.


Strong branding, model imagery, colours and patterns provided great assets for Room One to work with and create the overall look and feel of the Mecca Max Brand Immersion Space.


A big emphasis was placed on the ‘M’ logo form throughout the space, in both printed and three dimensional elements.


The result was a bright, energetic and visually engaging activation which encouraged customers to enter and interact within the Mecca Max Immersion Space.