The Mecca KIT Body Cart Display project was introduced as a Christmas activation to assist in the support of Mecca’s limited edition Body range. Positioning of this unit was a key factor in creating a customer ‘pause point’ where this display was intended to be shopped both directly and concurrently.

Key objectives of this unit were:

  1. Increase the visibility of the range in store and increase customer propensity to purchase.
  2. Animate the Body range and display the flavours of life with a goal of grabbing attention in a busy store environment.
  3. Add value to the customer’s shopping experience within the well-established Mecca Maxima store.

The alignment of ‘party season’ theming was received well with KIT where cocktail flavours were displayed as a focal point. The bright display was complimented with the previously produced KIT Sponge Wall Bay project where the product was displayed to attract attention and engage the customer.