Room One worked with Dermalogica and Mecca to create a unique brand immersion experience to help bring the Dermalogica brand to life within the flagship Mecca Maxima Chadstone store.

The result was a visually engaging activation that offered the Dermalogica brand elevated exposure in store and an opportunity to interact with the Mecca Customers more than ever.

One of the key elements in this activation was the custom designed Dermalogica Skin Bar Table which featured dual iPads to allow customers to complete their own speed mapping skin analysis. Face mapping is Dermalogica’s unique skin analysing tool which provides insight into your skin’s past and present and allows the subsequent prescription of a targeted home care regime for a healthy skin future.

Another key factor which made this space successful was the strong white branding contrast of Dermalogica when compared to the high end gloss black fitout of the Mecca Maxima Store.  This strong visual contrast provided a real point of difference for the Dermalogica brand and encouraged customers to enter and interact within the immersion space.