Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees lip balm, has been an icon of the lip care category for more than 30 years. The appeal of natural lip balms is a strong driver in the industry as more customers seek ‘free-from’ formulas with multiple benefits.


Burt’s bees is already the number #1 lip balm in Australia, by 2018 we aspire to help them on their journey to be the number 1 lip balm globally.


Building with the strong brand recognition Room One worked with Burt’s Bees to complete a true 100% natural lip destination. The brief was to drive sales of the nation’s number #1 lip balm but to introduce a broader audience to recent and new lip innovations.

We needed plenty of education while NPD was being developed, so a flexible modular system was developed to increase SKUs as they increase each year.

The power wing was also designed to capture customers who don’t automatically go to the cosmetics wall and also lends itself to multiple purchase from loyal customers.

In addition to the lip balms the crayons delivered a growth rate of 17% and the ‘lip shimmers’ experienced a 31% growth uptick.